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Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Receive Single-Player DLC

by Jennifer Locke


Rumors have recently been circulating that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be getting any single-player DLC, and while a major source of those was previously debunked, Kotaku has now confirmed through various sources that the fake rumors unfortunately did guess correctly.

Yesterday, a group claiming to be called Sinclair Networks said that they had been hired to work on Mass Effect: Andromeda’s DLC until BioWare cancelled it. It appears that this was a hoax, as several BioWare employees took to Twitter to state that they’ve never even heard of the company. This normally would have been cause for a sigh of relief since BioWare has a good track record with Mass Effect expansions and many were anticipating one in Andromeda, however the situation isn’t so simple.

Speaking with three sources familiar with BioWare’s plans, Kotaku has found out that single-player DLC just isn’t in the cards for Andromeda. This isn’t the first time bad news has reared its ugly head. Kotaku first reported in April that BioWare shelved plans for a Mass Effect: Andromeda sequel and transferred its employees to other BioWare studios to work on other projects like Anthem.

BioWare has not publicly talked about its plans for the future of Mass Effect and did not respond to Kotaku’s multiple requests for comment over the past two weeks.

This is definitely sad news for Mass Effect fans who were hoping the series still had some life left in it. Plans can of course change, but as of now, it looks like we won’t be seeing single-player expansions for Mass Effect: Andromeda anytime soon.

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