Master Chief coming to Halo Reach?

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Something big is coming from Bungie in the next few days.  They recently dropped this above image on fans via the company Twitter account.  Judging by the color of the armor and the visor we’re thinking it could be Master Chief.  It wouldn’t be a big stretch if MC was in Halo Reach.

He is included in the story of Reach, and being that this is essentially the prologue to Halo Combat Evolved, no one should be surprised if that is indeed what the big surprise is.  After all,  Master Chief is the last Spartan alive after the fall of Reach ( Correction – He was the only Spartan to leave on the Pillar of Autumn after the fall of Reach ,not technically, there was actually another.  But, for arguments sake let’s just say that he was the only character that would warrant a “Big Surprise” from Bungie.  Only people that have read the Halo novels would know of the other characters. – Thanks Uberutang) Then again, this could be a great big April Fools joke.

Just look at these images of MC’s helmet from previous titles and tell me its not him.  The lights on the side of the helmet, the color of the armor, the color of the visor, the front design, and shape of the helmet itself, all point to this being Master Chief.  So what do you think?  Is it Masterchief?  Or is it someone else?  Lay that Halo knowledge down in the comments section below.

Update:  Had to update this as it was released earlier today. Turns out this ended up being a hoax after all.

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