The mature allure & magic of Disney Infinity

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Disney Infinity has quickly become a hot topic amongst gamers, both hardcore and casual, young and old. For those unfamiliar with Disney Infinity, this is Disney’s go at making their own take on the popular “Skylanders” series, which already has numerous little toys and accessories on the market. Skylanders contains some characters from the Legend of Spyro series, though Skylanders is completely unrelated to that franchise.

So after the success of the Skylanders series and the continuing support for that brand it seems almost logical that the company with numerous characters and an ever increasing roster of world’s and stories to tell, would of course try their hand at a similar Idea.

Thus the company that we all know and love from our childhood and even some of our parents, Disney would release Disney Infinity, a game that quite literally has endless possibilities and much like the popular Playstation title LittleBigPlanet, has endless fun as well as you scramble to collect other toys to use and build your own little world inside your toy box to make your own adventure.

Growing up with Disney movies such as Toy Story and The Lion King, a game like this can’t help but bring up old memories of sitting in the lounge room with my friends and watching Nightmare before Christmas for the hundredth time.

Now I’m almost 25 with a daughter of my own and we both get to experience this amazing game that reminds me of the magic and heart warming tales that come out of the fantastic minds at Disney studios. Being able to sit down and play a game that is both designed so well and contains endless amounts of fun for both myself and my child is something rare and much welcomed in today’s gaming experiences. Collecting all the toys and discs to enjoy within the game and being able to build my own little world in the toy box is so much fun.

I never thought that I would go from playing a gritty and engaging story like “The Last of Us” to Disney Infinity. This game brings back so many memories and will continue to build upon the current characters and world’s. So much like the tagline says “Infinite possibilities. Endless fun”, one day I might be lucky enough to see the Lion King become a part of this magical experience that has opened my eye’s to a new genre of gaming that I have in the past, shied away from.

Disney Infinity has attracted many older, more mature gamers as the game taps into a part of our childhood and blends it into the perfect game for us to experience, alone or with our families for ages to come.

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