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Media Molecule’s Dreams Will Make its Return at PSX

by Jose Belmonte


It has been nearly two years since we saw Media Molecule’s ambitious project Dreams for the last time. But today the company responsible for acclaimed platforming games like Little Big Planet and Tearaway has announced that it will take their newest creation to the stage of the PlayStation Experience this coming December, marking the end of a long wait for new details.

The announcement has been made through the studio’s official Twitter account, with a short teaser video and the message: “We’re back folks! #DreamsPS4 is coming to #PSX, December 8th-10th! We can’t wait!” The video description on Youtube also suggests that the studio will offer additional information through their blog and social media accounts, inviting fans to pay attention for upcoming announcements.

Dreams continues Media Molecule’s philosophy of offering players tools to create new experiences using their own creativity, but while games like Little Big Planet were stuck in their own universe, the new game seems like it will offer much more freedom in terms of designs and gameplay. With such an ambiguous premise, it’s no secret why the studio has needed a long time to showcase a more defined version of the game, but this year’s PSX could be the chance for a definitive presentation.

Sony has recently shared the first details on the different events that will form this year’s PlayStation Experience, which will take place in Anaheim, California. Tickets for the Friday presentation and the rest of weekend events can be bought here.

Dreams is coming to PSX 2017!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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