MediEvil Remake Gets A Very Haunting Release Date

Arrives just in time for Halloween.

by Dean James

One of the more surprising announcements at PSX 2017 was that of a remake for the PS1 cult classic MediEvil, with only a few information drops or trailers since it was first announced. When Sony announced their latest State of Play stream however, they promised a deeper look into the remake and they did not disappoint. Not only did we get to see the game in action, but also learned the release date for the game as well.

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MediEvil is an action adventure hack ‘n slash game where you play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, who is the skeleton you see involved with the game. Originally releasing in 1998 in the West, this was definitely a bit of a shock to see being remade at the time, but it’s looking good so far.

During today’s PlayStation State of Play stream, new information on MediEvil was promised and that came in the form of a story trailer to introduce new players to the game. While it is a story trailer, it does have a lot of great gameplay moments to show off as well, which are really looking great so far.

The trailer also delivers by giving us a release date announcement for the game, as Sony revealed that the MediEvil remake will be coming exclusively to PS4 on October 25th. This is a very fitting release date to put the game out right around Halloween considering you are playing as a skeleton.

MediEvil – Story Trailer

- This article was updated on May 9th, 2019