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Metal Gear Solid Steam Sale Reduces Phantom Pain’s Price To $28

by Mike Guarino


Now is a good time to hop into the Metal Gear Solid series if you haven’t already, as Steam is currently running a sale on the few games in the series that are on the service and offers some pretty great discounts. The sales are for the games only, however, as DLC items are not discounted.

The 3 games that are discounted are Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Revengeance and Ground Zeroes are 75% off, bringing their prices down to $7.49 and $4.99, respectively. The Phantom Pain is 30% off, bringing its normal price of $39.99 down to $27.99.

The sale for the games on Steam will come to an end on Monday, May 30th at 10AM Pacific. You can check out the sale by clicking right here.

The Phantom Pain recently received patch 1.12, which brought many tweaks and fixes to the online portion of the game. Scroll down for a portion of the tweaks, and click right here for the full patch notes.

Unique Characters

  • Quiet can no longer be interrogated.


  • Rank increase and decrease are now displayed in the mission results.


  • Score has been adjusted for each mission.
  • Assist score will no longer be granted when woken up by a comrade after putting yourself into sleep or stun status.

Damage Adjustments

  • Increased damage output from the SVG-76 and M2000-D.
  • Reduced the knockback and firing rate of the URAGAN-5.
  • Increased stamina damage when landing onto enemy players from a height.
  • Reduced stamina damage from cardboard box attacks and low kicks.

Balance Adjustments

  • DEMOLITION+ Lv.2 will no longer trigger a thrown weapon to drop when killed by a knife.
  • After diving, there is now a delay before you can dive again.
  • Sprint duration is now temporarily reduced after diving.
  • Crawling out of a cardboard box when prone will no longer produce noise.

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