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Metro Exodus Lives Up to Its Name in New Story Trailer

The time has come to leave the metro and experience all the wonders and horrors the surface has to offer.

by Jacob Bukacek

Just as was promised when they announced that Photo Mode will be available in Metro Exodus at launch, 4A Games has dropped a brand new story trailer for the game today. Before this trailer, certain assumptions could be made from the game’s name and preview material, but wasn’t until now that fans could get a decent grasp of what’s going on in this latest excursion into the post-apocalyptic Metro universe.

The survivors of Moscow have been living in the underground tunnels of the metro for decades now, and this situation is becoming more and more difficult to maintain. The cracks in the metro society were already showing during the events of the original Metro 2033, with hunger, squalor, and cruelty all existing as normal aspects of life for most inhabitants. Players of the previous Metro games will also remember that while the tunnels between metro stations were fairly dangerous, those dangers were nothing compared to what lurked on the surface. Yet, the surface is exactly where Artyom, Anna and their companions now have to go if they want any chance at all of escaping a doomed existence in the failing metro tunnels.

Of course, this isn’t going to be easy. Going by what’s shown here, the pseud0-fascist faction from Metro: Last Light is still very active and will be a formidable obstacle standing in the way of escape. As for the surface, it at least looks a bit more hospitable than it did the last time players saw it, but it still has its share of dangers. There are the monsters of course, but it appears that the biggest problem is going to be other survivors; possibly even some who did not seek refuge in the metro and are much more accustomed to survival on the surface. 4A Games states that the journey will take Artyom and company at least as far as the area around the Caspian Sea, so they’ve got quite the ordeal ahead of them. Hopefully their train will hold up for the duration.

Metro Exodus launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 15.

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