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Metroid Other M & Wii Party Release Dates From Retail Leak

by William Schwartz


A recent retail leak was reported by Andria Sang which pointed to some long awaited developments pre E3.  Metroid: Other M gets a release date, and Wii party gets priced and listed with pink or white Wii mote bundles for a few thousand yen more.

“But there are some reports circulating from what appears to be the latest in Nintendo’s periodic retailer briefings. According to these reports, Nintendo disclosed to retailers:

A release date of September 2 for Metroid Other M

A price of ¥4,800 for Wii Party

Pink and White Wiimote bundles for Wii Party costing ¥6,800 each

None of this is at the Nintendo homepage, so take it as you will for now. These retail briefing leaks are pretty common for Nintendo product, so I’d be inclined to believe the info. – AndriaSang

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