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Microsoft delays plans for new Xbox


New reports suggest that Microsoft will release the next iteration of Xbox console in 2013 at the very earliest. This follows a statement from the company that they would not be showing the next Box at E3 2012, this June.

Bloomberg suggests that Microsoft is looking to “squeeze at least one more year of sales out of its current model.” Furthermore, the financial publication with “sources with knowledge of the matter” said that Microsoft “may” show the next Xbox at E3 2013 with a release in the same calendar year.

Microsoft insists that the Kinect motion controller has added life to the Xbox 360 system. The bottom line for the company pretty much backs this statement up, with the company coming off its best year of sales. Unfortunately, the Kinect motion controller hasn’t changed the Xbox 360 experience for the core gamer that has been with the console for the life-span of the cycle.

Once again, these dates are from “unnamed sources” and have not been confirmed by Microsoft.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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