Microsoft delves deeper into the reputation system on Xbox One

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

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By now you’ve surely heard of the new reputation system on Xbox One. If not, the new console is going to implement a system that will pair players according to a network-wide reputation ranking. The goal is to eliminate “cheaters and jerks” from your circle of players if you aren’t one yourself. The new reputation system on Xbox One will work alongside the SmartMatch matchmaking tools to filter out people that you don’t want to play with, according to a recent report from Michael Dunn, program manager for Xbox Live.

Dunn says that the new reputation model will help expose the people that aren’t fun to be around, and hopes to create real consequences for players who harass others. Xbox Live’s new reputation tools will rely on direct feedback from the community to determine a players reputation. This means they’ll be measuring things like how many times a player gets muted or blocked by other players. Dunn claims its a “crazy algorithm” that detects this reputation score.

This reputation will be displayed on a player’s gamercard. Scores will be color coded. Green means “Good Player”, Yellow means “Needs Improvement” and Red means “Avoid”. Dunn says that most players will have good reputations, but that the alogrithm is looking to find and identify that player that really goes after it when trying to be an nusance online. You know the ones, the guy who sings into the microphone before every match. The guy who constantly sends you harassing messages. You know, that guy. And it’s not as simple as just filing a few reports to affect a player’s reputation. Dunn says that the averages are weighted, and “will look at a variety of factors before docking a player”.

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