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Microsoft Expects Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound To Have Worldwide Appeal

by Damian Seeto


Microsoft is expecting Scalebound to be a popular game worldwide that will appeal to more than just fans of developer PlatinumGames.

DualShockers interviewed Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg and he talked a little bit more about Scalebound. The game is due out next year exclusively for Xbox One.

Greenberg says that the game is an action RPG and he obviously expects fans of PlatinumGames’ previous titles to like this game as well. However, he feels there is potential for Scalebound to “have a broader appeal to folks that maybe haven’t played their games before“. Microsoft is excited to introduce the game to people that may not have played PlatinumGames’ games before.

Action RPG titles are usually more appealing to gamers in Japan and Asia. Microsoft feels there is a global appeal to the game and aims to market it worldwide. He feels this is a game that will “appeal globally, no matter where it’s made“.

Hopefully the Xbox One exclusive finds a big enough audience for it to become popular. The game is looking great, although 2016 is looking like a very crowded year. Not only is the game sharing space with other Xbox One exclusives, but lots of other games too. Microsoft needs to a choose a release date for the game so it avoids something like Final Fantasy XV or Mass Effect Andromeda.

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