Microsoft Focusing On New Games For Xbox One Instead Of Xbox 360 Remakes

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Microsoft wants to spend more time focusing on actual new games for the Xbox One instead of just releasing Xbox 360 remakes.

Microsoft’s Xbox head, Phil Spencer, tweeted:

Lots of 360 games I’d like to bring to XB1, only so much time and want to focus on making new games. Not easy tradeoffs.”

The conversation started because a fan wanted to see Fable: Anniversary on the Xbox One. Spencer would like to make more HD remakes, but the company’s focus right now is making new games.

This makes perfect sense. People buy a new system like an Xbox One to play new games. Not everyone likes to see the market flooded with HD remakes everywhere.

Although Microsoft did recently release Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Also the Gears of War Xbox One remake sounds like it will appear at E3 2015. Apart from that, it sounds like Microsoft has no time to port other Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft’s business strategy is opposite of what Capcom plans to do in the near future. Capcom plans to release more HD remakes as they got a lot of money from their recent PS4/Xbox One ports.

Will you like to see more Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, or are you happy that Microsoft is putting more energy on new games?

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