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Microsoft introduces the $99 Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle

| May 7, 2012

Microsoft introduces the $99 Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle News Xbox  Xbox 360 Microsoft

Today Microsoft has launched a new sales initiative for the Xbox 360, one where you can get your hands on a shiny new Xbox 360 console with Kinect, with a catch.  The catch is a two year contract to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscription at three times the going rate.

Basically, you can finance your 4GB Xbox 360 for around $450 if you don’t have the cash to put out up front, while paying roughly a $100 premium to do so.  The program is only available in Microsoft stores, which are thinly spread throughout the United States (there are only 21 of them).

If this sales pitch sounds familiar, it kind of the same business model that mobile phone providers use to get subscribers to their phone and data plans.  The only difference in this case, is that the Xbox 360 is now a console that is getting fairly close to its final run, paying a substantial premium for a product whose price should be falling at this point, isn’t something that consumers are exactly accustomed to.

You can find a list of Microsoft Stores here, just in case.

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  • Okey this is just a dicky move on microsoft side i hope this fails hard

  • Bozmanbeyond

    This is a real rip off. If you cant afford to buy one go on craigslist or learn to save money. 


    It’s a good idea

    • Maarten

      For who?

    • Frank

      Yeah, of course it is fanboy. You’re being overcharged and deserved to be ripped off if you buy this. The console is 4 gigs, which means you’ll need to buy an HDD. You need to pay $15 a month for TWO years for Live. That alone adds up to $360, the current price of a 250 gig 360 and a years worth of Live. This is terrible.

      • Brevs

        1. It will only be $300 total which is a regular price from the xbox and kinect. ($100 a year for live.)

        2. You can just take apart the case around your old xbox HDD and put the actual hard drive inside the slim. Your point is invalid

        • Egg_Yellow89

          Plus the Xbox 360 harddrive can be expanded by 32gbs via USB. 

        • Allen

          $15/month x 24 months = $360 on top of the $99 you paid for the 4GB console

          oh yeah that’s right


          Pay to play

          Pay to stream

          No true exclusives


          Disk scratching

          Disk swapping

          No exclusive content

          Expensive wifi adapter

          Expensive and limited HDD

          $50 controllers yet no battery pack, no blue tooth and no gyroscope

          $20 more for battery packs again proprietary

          No browser, when all the competition does

          Almost No price decreases ($100 in almost 7 years)

          Made Halo 2 for PC Vista only

          No previous hardware support

          Xbox sucks in every way, it costs the most and gives the least and again you are a brainwashed, blind loyalist pig.

          • Bigjershby

             u know something else u hear about xbox? and its BS? how good they play games i have yet to play 1 game on xbox 360 that doesnt have texture streaming issues and bad pop-in that included fable 2-3 and gears1-3(b4 u start trolling me yea some games on ps3 have a lil framerate issues but god of war and uncharted run like E3 live demos perfectly) and i dont play a a game on my xbox without it being installed yet all i ever heard b4 i got my xbox is how good it runs games pfft and another thing every game i play on my xbox has this void sucking thing around my char modals that killed AC:Revelations i think people need to understand u dont play games in snapshots u play them in motion

            i got a wii and its browser sucks bad the wiis internet browswer cant even get to work lol(ive had my wii longer then any of my current get consoles)

          • Brevs

            Oh shut up. I have had the same xbox since 2007 and it is now just starting to wear down. pay to play is there so they can make some money so they don’t LOSE billions of dollars. RROD is non existent anymore. There are a good number of exclusives( Halo, Fable, Gear of War, Dead Rising, Forza, Saints Row) At least there are not to many exclusive (PS3). There isnt any common case of disk scratching in any xbox. No one gives a damn about opening a disk trey. HDD are about the same price between the consoles and they are not limited…. you are just making s*it up now. Controller does come with a battery pack, there you go again making things up. Internet browser isnt needed considering most people have a computer or a smart phone and internet browser causes security concerns which you should know a lot about that subject. Price decrease is stupid if they don’t need to decrease the price. Halo 2 can work on xp through a third party patch and it works perfectly fine by itself on windows 7. No previous hardware support??? um no comment on that, once again you are making things up.

          • Frank

            Don’t you see how hypocritical that is? At the start of the generation, when that old list of exclusives you mentioned were released, wasn’t that an advantage? Now that PS3 completely blows 360 away when it comes to exclusives, now it’s a con? LMAO!!! Plus, 15 times 24 is $360, not $300. Add $99 to that and another $120 or so for a hard drive and you’ve got yourself a grand total of $580! Clown.

          • Allen

            Yeah and for just a 4GB 360! Pay to play and all it’s other problems.

          • Allen

            WOW! Denial buddy.

            (1) PC has always done free to play (were talking about since online gaming was invented). Plus Wii, PC and PS3 are all FREE online plauy.

            (2) RROD is still there unless you are saying that the slims get 10% hardware failures which is OVER 3 times the industry standard.

            (3) Halo, All the Fables, Gears of War, Dead Rising, Forza, Mass Effect 1 and more are all on PC. And BLA HA HAHA at Saints Row, you mean the game that went multi plat with FREE exclusive content on PS3? Oh yeah that one.

            (4) PS3 has many more exclusives than 360 and many more AAA exclusives.

            (5) Disk scratching doesn’t happen? 2 seconds on youtube will show that new slims do still scratch disks.

            (6) Same HDD prices? What the fk you smoking? Xbox proprietary HDD = $ 120 for 320GB, PS3 uses any SATA drive : 500GB for only $54.

            (7) Yeah lame xbox 360 controllers, no gyro, no blue tooth and no battery pack yet still $50 so $70/controller on 360 and $50 on PS3 with all the bells and whistles.

            (8) yeah security concerns, STFU you blind ignorant trolling pig. Xbox not only is the ONLY one pay to play but they are the ONLY DEVICE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE WITHOUT A BROWSER. Fking lame dude and this is M$ makers of Bing and Internet Explorer.

            (9) Yeah PS2 still sold and supported. Xbox is gone, no support ( they won’t fix it) and no servers at all.

          • Brevs

            Lol you just repeated yourself and it is quite funny to read. Sony is still supporting ps2? hmm another reason why they have lost billions of dollars. Xbox original shut down because there were very few people still on it. and there is nothing to fix about it… I cant wait until Sony goes to Pay to play to make some extra money and I will rub that right in your face. I wouldn’t be surprised. Ya any SATA hard drive. The only cheap 500gb SATA HDD you are getting is one that has an incredibly slow transfer rate. If you want a good one you better dish out $120. Yea Im not going to repeat myself about the internet browser. I will in fact say that ps3 has to many exclusives and a good number are only getting moderate reviews while the xbox has a normal amount and almost all get positive reviews. They are only on pc because microsoft wanted to expand xbox live with windows live which is still connected to xbox live. But they are not on ps3, which makes it an exclusive. Once again why would xbox controllers need blue tooth? So they can get that HORRIBLE sound quality? Yea great idea. and THERE IS A BATTERY PACK YOU D3RP -_-. Yea I am a trolling pig but I own a gaming pc, ps3 and xbox and like them all while you are on here raging like a 5 year old girl over 2 consoles that have the same shitty 7 year old hardware. By the way, I am not sure where you got 10% failure rate, is that another statistic you read off of some random biased website? 

          • Frank

            Oh really?
            AAAAND that list is giving you the benefit of the doubt. Game like Saints Row and Dead Rising wouldn’t have been exclusive had the PS3 not come out a year later. Face it, your argument fails on all accounts. We’ve all proved you wrong. I still can’t believe that you said having too many exclusives is a con. It’s a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. I bet all you do is stream Netflix like every other Xbox fanboy. M$ releases one exclusive a year, is popular for a month, CoD releases and the exclusive is dead.

          • Brevs

            Oh and have fun with your regularly maintenance. There is even one tomorrow. “Bla Ha Ha”  

          • Allen

            Regular maintence to keep my FREE network clear of bugs and Regular maintence which doesn’t even knock you off the online or netflix or browser – I’ve found even after it started. There has been 2 total times in the lifetime of my PS3 that I couldn’t get online, 1 of which was the Hack from last year.

            The maintence is nothing, your pitiful attempt to try to find something wrong with PS3 makes me laugh. I give you a hundread reasons why Xbox straight up raped your mom in the ass and you come back with regular maintence.

          • Brevs

            And you say you have a wife in kids and you say something like that. HAHAHA

            Sony has failed to keep your FREE network clear of bugs. It does knock you off of online gaming, which is what the majority of people do on there. You say Im trying to find something wrong with the ps3 when you complain that you have to open a disk trey to change disks on the xbox? That is an even more pathetic attempt on your part. 

        • Ruspar

          You’re assuming the buyer already HAS an old XBOX HDD to use. This is targeting people that don’t already have the system, I would assume that someone that’s already got a system would also already have LIVE, so… your point is invalid.

      • Egg_Yellow89

        Its not really worth anything until you ACTUALLY sign the contract.

  • Jimmer

    They are really hoping they sell a lot of these so they can start selling them at major retailers. If they get a bunch of people to buy them, that makes their system still relevant for 2 years. But it makes me wonder what those same people will do if Microsoft does release their next gen system within that span. Would you buy a new system and continue to pay for the old one, or would you wait?

  • platinumwarrior121

    Lmfao sony is just laughing,microSOFT just stop your ripping xbots off how much more money do they need?

    • Brevs

      hey at least microsoft is making money. Is hemorrhaging a familiar word to you?

    • Egg_Yellow89

      Funny how its an OPTION not a compulsory CHOICE. Idiot

  • Allen

    Bla ha ha, I keep telling you but you run away crying. M$ will NEVER give you something for nothing. On top of all that it’s only a 4gb console, so in 1 month you will fill up that space and will need to buy a $120 HD. 

  • Egg_Yellow89

    Allen SHUT UP. NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!. And BREVS. Just minimize his comments. 

    That idiot doesnt have a life and dont let Allen get to you brevs. 


    As for Allen

    Dude I know you can read this. Its cool dude if you can still remember me.

    Stop flaming this article. No one attacked trolled your “Playstation” brand and you shouldnt troll us either. It is unfair.

    It was the PS fanboys who first attacked and flamed this article. You people should just leave.

    Especially you allen. Get a life you massive idiot. You got nothing except your “Imaginary” family. Get a real job or something.

    If you truly are an adult . then start acting like one.

  • Bigjershby

    well i feel riped off cuz my xbox didnt come with rechargeable batteries i even had to buy gray controllers from gamestop cuz the black controller that came with its buttons stuck

    watcher 2 is awsome i cant say it enuff   

    • Boz

       Don’t feel bad when I got my PS3 the controller was like a rattle.

      • Bigjershby


        i dont feel bad for u cuz atleast it worked and i know what ur talking about i droped mine and it has a lil something loose in it but it still worked 100% but i replaced it with a dualshock 3 cuz i like rumblepack

        i got my ps3 in 2007 its a 40g when did u get urs do they still come with the “sixaxis” controller?

  • Bigjershby

    ALL im saying is any1 that talks about how good xbox plays games r fanboys r how much better xbl is then psn r also fanboys cuz both of them clams r pure BS

    if u wanna say xbox installs faster then ps3 ill back u up all day long  r xbox has more apps i got ur back there 2…..i could be missing something……….but i dont think i am