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Microsoft Looking At Xbox One And Windows 10 Digital Game Sharing

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One of the benefits of physical discs is that gamers are allowed to share games with one another. Microsoft is now actively trying to figure out a way to digitally share Xbox One and PC games.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra recently talked about this feature while being interviewed by Game Informer.  The company is looking for a simpler model for players to share their games with each other.

Ybarra said: “Steam has a great family plan right now. We’re looking at both from a Windows standpoint – well, what’s our policy of the Windows Store? How many people can play concurrent? How do you share?

We’re going to merge those two topologies soon so that a whole new model for how you share games across that will be in place. We’re actively working on that now to try to figure [it out], but we want to get to a much simpler model and potentially one that lets you do more… have a little bit more freedom in what you can and can’t do

Sharing games digitally is something that should happen in the near future. It’s one of the things that prevents some people from going all digital this generation. Not to mention you cannot trade digital games towards new purchases as well.

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