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Microsoft Promises More Actual Xbox One Console Exclusives Are Coming

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The announcement that Quantum Break will be available on PC made some people think that Microsoft does not have that much faith in the Xbox One anymore. Microsoft has now spoken out that there will be more actual console exclusives on the way.

The point of having console exclusives in the first place is to entice people to buy your platform. For example, Halo 5: Guardians is an Xbox One exclusive so Halo fans have to buy the console in order to play it as it’s unavailable elsewhere.

More recently, Microsoft has been announcing many previous Xbox One exclusives are now releasing on Windows 10 too. As aforementioned, some people felt this is an indication that Microsoft is no longer confident in these games selling on the console itself.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg says this is not the case when he talked more about the topic on the latest Major Nelson Podcast. Greenberg stated that “Xbox is a big priority and a huge commitment” and they are still invested heavily in the console business.

Their goal is to continue innovating the Xbox One platform and to also “bring more console exclusives“. He then went on to reiterate that the Xbox did great business over the Holidays and many of their exclusive titles sold well. It will be interesting if Greenberg’s comments stay true to Microsoft’s vision of the Xbox One’s future.

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