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Microsoft readying 3D announcement for Xbox 360

by William Schwartz


The co-founder of Blitz Game Studios, Andrew Oliver, claims that Microsoft is getting ready to announce their plans for 3D output on the Xbox 360.  Develop online spoke with the developer about the upcoming show and what to expect from the Software giant.

“3D does take a bit of extra work,” suggested Oliver, speaking at today’s Westminster eForum event in London.

“Microsoft are going to be making an announcement about it at some point soon.”

Oliver also spoke on Sony’s 3D capabilities:

“There’s lots of games coming on the PlayStation 3 very shortly in 3D. There’s a big show on next week,” said Oliver.

“On the Xbox it [3D] has been rather quiet,”

“Our game did come out in 3D on the Xbox 360, so 3D is possible, even through an HDMI 1.2 cable. Ubisoft created Avatar, which includes a mode for 3D on a 3D TV. It is just a case of adding a mode into the options menu, so there’s no need for two different products.” -Develop

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