What Games are Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Microsoft Says Xbox 360 Owners Will Buy Xbox One For Backwards Compatibility

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Microsoft lost many Xbox 360 gamers to the PS4 after they botched the announcement for the Xbox One back in 2013. The company however feels they can win back 360 owners with backwards compatibility.

Xbox One India head Anshu Mor was interviewed by Gamingbolt and he feels backwards compatibilty is a huge feature for the Xbox One.

There are still many Xbox 360 owners that have yet to buy either an Xbox One or PS4. According to Mor,  he feels “a lot of people would migrate from the Xbox 360 platform to the Xbox One platform” thanks to the addition of backwards compatibility.

Mor says Microsoft talked with a lot of 360 owners and a lot of them demanded backwards compatibility because they didn’t want to depart from their old games. He also alluded that the whole world was asking for that feature too.

Backwards compatibility has always been a popular feature. It’s interesting that Sony currently is not on board for implementing it on the PS4 yet. Sony has PlayStation Now, but that doesn’t solve the problem about making games you already own playable. Not to mention the service is a little expensive side too.

The backwards compatibility feature will come to the Xbox One this November via a new update. There will be over 100 playable Xbox 360 games with more to come in the near future.

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