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Microsoft scooping PlayStation 4 developers in recent layoffs

by William Schwartz


It was recently confirmed that Sony Santa Monica saw a round of layoffs, leaving talented Sony developers jobless.  Apparently, Microsoft is looking at scooping up some of this PlayStation development talent.

According to Phil Spencer of Microsoft Game Studios, the company is currently engaged in hiring some of these developers.

Spencer revealed via Twitter:  Like the #helpDEVS tag. Keep that one going. We’ve reached out and are engaged in hiring,” said Spencer.

Sony’s recent layoffs at the Sony Santa Monica were said to have affected 50 employees.  According to reports out of the studio, the cuts also affected Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming unannounced new IP.

It was recently revealed that Sony has laid off about 50 of their staff from Sony Santa Monica studio. Now it has been confirmed by one former lead level designer that the new IP that they were working on is indeed cancelled.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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