Xbox One Project Scorpio E3 2017

Microsoft Uncertain If Xbox One Scorpio Will Be Shown Before E3 2017

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2017 marks the year where Microsoft will finally unveil the highly-anticipated Project Scorpio, which is an updated version of Xbox One that is far more powerful than the base model. While many assumed that it would be a no-brainer for the company to show it at E3 2017 and “win” the conference, it seems like the company isn’t quite sure that is going to happen.

The topic came up when a fan asked Xbox boss Phil Spencer whether or not we would see Project Scorpio prior to E3 2017, which Spencer replied with “Honestly not sure yet but I know people want this.” After another user brought up the fact that the company is more interested in making a solid product rather than revealing it at an opportune time, he then replied with “You are right, I’d add happiness with the product trumps all, confidence in brand is important. PR wins aren’t really my focus.”

He then goes on to give an idea of where developers are with the company’s new hardware, saying they’re “getting engines up and tuned, great progress across studios.” He didn’t share which companies are working on games that will utilize the Scorpio’s increased power, though that’s something that will likely be held back until the official reveal.

While we don’t know much about the console other than it being “the most powerful,” there are many people who have their opinions on what the console should ultimately deliver. We recently sounded off on what we feel the company should announce once it comes time to pull back the curtain, with a focus on games and gamer-friendly policies being high on the list.

This will definitely be an important thing to get right on Microsoft’s part, as the company didn’t exactly start off 2017 very well. They recently announced that one of their big exclusives for the year called Scalebound has been canceled, which has upset many people in the process.

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