Microsoft working on glasses free 3D

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It’s no secret that traditional methods of 3D viewing have required viewers to wear special glasses that can be both cumbersome and abit annoying.  3D viewing has long been a novelty, something that you may use once or twice a year when watching a movie.  Gizmodo reports that those us who are not enthused by having to wear glasses while watching 3D are in luck.  Microsoft is working on 3D technology that literally “beams 3D effects into your eyeballs”

Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group is creating 3D by using a camera to track viewers’ eyes and a new special lens. That lens is shaped like a wedge, with 11mm thickness at the top vs 6mm at the bottom. Apparently, the wedge lens can steer light straight into a viewers eye by switching light-emitting diodes along its bottom edge on and off. Basically, by controlling the light, it can display different images on the screen and direct where each image goes. – Gizmodo

It is noted in the article that the prototype being worked with is only able to accomodate two viewers at one time while watching 3D.  Or four people can watch a 2d video.

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