Microsoft’s Latest Video For HoloLens Looks a Little More Realistic

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Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset that was on display at E3 2015 had some users of the new technology leaving skeptical. The major complaint that we’ve heard about HoloLens is that the field of view isn’t quite as good as anticipated, and Microsoft’s said that it’s not likely to get much better.

While the technology of projecting holograms that can be interacted with seems quite magical, the major disconnect for most is probably how Microsoft has been portraying the technology. With a new video that showcases the HoloLens’ application to a learning environment at Case Western Reserve University, those who’ve yet to try the HoloLens can get an approximation of what it looks like with the headset on.

Looking at this new video (below) you can certainly see what some people are talking about when it comes to field of view. Numerous spots in the video show what the technology looks like from the first person view and it’s not quite the same thing that has been represented prior. Previous showings have all been portrayals of what the user sees, and it definitely looks more magical when it appears that wearer’s world is engulfed in holgrams.

The reality of HoloLens appears to be much different.

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