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Miitomo to Receive New Update

by Louisa Bhairam


Those of us still playing Nintendo’s Miitomo app will be happy to know there is an update coming soon. A message sent to Miitomo users via the app made us aware of some new changes to be coming soon. The changes are below:

Send friend requests using e-mail and other methods, allowing you to connect with friends who do not use social media services. Answer the same questions as others when viewing “All Answers.” Edit a Miifoto from the comments section

The friend request option will surely see a new surge in users of the social app, which surpassed 10 million downloads in early April.  Previously, players were required to connect via Twitter or Facebook in order to add friends.

Other Nintendo smartphone apps to include favorites Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were confirmed last month, and the release of the much anticipated Pokemon Go should be confirmed very soon.

Nintendo have not stated how much they have made from Miitomo in app purchases so far, but have said that users have created more than 20 million Miifotos, showing that the app is still wildly popular.

There is no confirmed date for these changes to the app, but hopefully more details will be available soon.

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