Minecraft 1.8.5 Release To Address New “Security Issue”

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by William Schwartz

After a modder confirmed that he had found a new security issue in the current version of Minecraft, Mojang has hastily been working on a new version to solve the issue.

The modder who goes by the handle CrushedPixel, who is working on the ReplayMod, revealed on Thursday that he had found a new flaw in Minecraft’s server security. While Mojang have not confirmed the details of the bug, speaking on the social networking website Twitter CrushedPixel announced “I just discovered a way to OP yourself on any Vanilla server you have Creative Mode on”. This would allow gamers who knew the exploit to go onto other player’s servers and take control. This could be used for harmless fun or could be used to destroy parts of the game world, including players’ creations.

Speaking on the social networking website Twitter CrushedPixel announced he would only be releasing an explanation video for the exploit “once the fix is out.” After contacting the development team, as he didn’t “wanna anger Mojang again” the team has been hard at work to fix the issue.

Mojang have made a statement before the release of Minecraft 1.8.5 confirming the fix will soon be available: “We’ll release Minecraft 1.8.5 in the morning to address a security related issue and a scoreboard issue. Thanks, @CrushedPixel for your help”.

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