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Minecraft Battle Mini Game Map Pack 1 Giveaway

by Kyle Hanson


Minecraft has changed on consoles. The introduction of the brand new Minecraft Battle Mini Game mode has brought the joys of combat to millions of gamers. We previously took a deep look at the mode, with impressions and videos explaining its many intricacies. Now we’re here with a gift. We’re giving away one code for Minecraft Battle Mini Game Map Pack 1.

The pack gives players three brand new maps to enjoy inside the Battle Mini Game mode. Temple, Medusa and Lair were all hand crafted by 4J Studios, offering the same high level of quality that you’ll find in the regular maps, or in the Minecraft mash up packs.

One important stipulation: this is just for the Xbox One version of the game, so if you have it on PlayStation, Wii U, or even Xbox 360 then you might wanna just keep moving.

Now, how do you win the Minecraft Battle Mini Game Map Pack 1 code? Simple. In fact there are a few ways to enter, and each gives you better odds to win. First up: leave a comment on this article below. Second, watch this video, give it a Like, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Finally, respond to and this tweet.

And that’s it. We’ll wait a couple of days and then notify the winner by whatever method they have attached to their account. If you really want to win then be sure to go through all three steps above. Unfortunately we only have one code, so your chances are slim, but you’ll really improve them if you go through all of those steps. The winner will be chosen totally at random from all three methods, so don’t lose out just cause you didn’t feel like clicking through to YouTube. Good luck, and have fun slaughtering your fellow Minecrafters.

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