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Minecraft Developer Explains Mojang’s Viewpoint On Mods

by William Schwartz


Minecraft developer Nathan Adams has today made an interesting statement about where Mojang stand on Minecraft mods.

Speaking on the social networking website Twitter Adams, aka ‏@Dinnerbone, commented, “Just a reminder: there is no official way to mod Minecraft & we still do not officially support mods. We are still working on the plugin API”. When asked by fans to clarify Mojang’s viewpoint on mods, whether he meant Mojang do not support modding or if just the game’s code currently doesn’t support modding, Adams swiftly responded “No, we do not support it. You are free to do it, but we are under no obligations to help you do so.”

While it seems like a strong viewpoint it is potentially due to the criticism which Mojang occasionally faces when they update Minecraft, as this often breaks mods. However as we reported, only last week Searge, one of the other Minecraft developers, revealed that the update to Minecraft 1.9 should be “less painful” for modders as “only very few internal changes” have been made.

As Adams confirmed, Mojang is working on a plugin API for Minecraft, which will help modders as it would be an official way to mod the game. Alas, as pointed out by a number of fans on Twitter this is a feature that has been promised since before the official launch of the game.

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