Updating Mods For Minecraft 1.9 Should Be “Less Painful”

by AOTF Staff
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Mojang has revealed that due to the types of changes they are making for Minecraft version 1.9 transferring mods from 1.8 shouldn’t be too problematic.

Minecraft (PC) developer Searge made the announcement earlier today on the social networking website Twitter. Searge commented that the team will be adding “mostly new gameplay features in 1.9 and only very few internal changes.” He swiftly followed this up by saying; “What that means is, if you update your mods to 1.8 now, it won’t be ‘wasted’ time, because it’s less painful to update to 1.9 later.”

Being the founder of the MCP (Mod Coder Pack) project, Searge knows the issues caused for modders when new versions of Minecraft are released. Mods can be broken, as a result of official updates, when elements modders have used are tweaked by the developer.

For many Minecraft mods, which simply add content, changes can cause easy to fix problems, when items made by Mojang use the same ID numbers. However, larger mods which alter and use items or code can be completely broken. The fixing process for these mods can sometimes take a long time with sections of the mod needing to be completely remade to work on the updated version of Minecraft.