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Minecraft surpasses 3 million sales


Minecraft has been putting up some staggering numbers as of late.  Just last month, Notch reported that there were around 2.7 million paid copies of Minecraft out and about in the world, and now this month, his report is that the game has gone over 3 million sales. Now please bear with me while I try to do the math on this, but if my calculations are correct, that means the developer is moving roughly ten thousand copies a day.  Ten thousand copies per day at around $21.00  per copy is.., bear with me again, 6.3 million dollars per month.

Those are some pretty staggering numbers for the independent developer, and a game that hasn’t “officially” been released out of beta.  Fans of the game have plenty to look forward to as Mojang puts the finishing touches on the adventure update.  More recently announced, Minecon will hit Las Vegas this November, where its possible that Mojang may actually be in talks to buy the state of Nevada if sales projection continue to carry forward.

Source: Twitter

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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