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Minecraft Update 1.10 Available Now; Adds Structure Block and Polar Bears

by Kyle Hanson


In a surprise to almost everyone, Mojang has released Minecraft Update 1.10 to the world. Titled “The Frostburn Update”, this patch comes very shortly after the 1.09 update that reshaped many elements of the game. While 1.10 isn’t quite as earth shattering, it does offer a lot of very big and interesting changes for Minecraft fans to dive into.

These include a new block called the Structure Block. Using this builders can “store templates of structures and place them dynamically with the help of Redstone trickery”. This is a technical block, much like the Command Block that is already in the game, so while you can’t build it in the normal game modes, it is available in creative mode or by using admin commands.

Along with this comes the addition on polar bears, a new mob for players to contend with. Other changes include: “Added Husk and Stray. An auto-jump option. Improvements to some commands. Structure blocks for custom maps. Underground fossils made from bone blocks. Added Magma Block. Added Nether Wart Block and Red Nether Bricks. And more.”

Minecraft is always evolving and changing, with the game playing very diffferently now than it did even a few months ago. Compare it to a year or two ago and the changes are massive. With Mojang recently announcing that Minecraft had sold over 106 million copies, it seems like there is nothing stopping this juggernaut.

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