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Minecraft Update Adds Greek Mythology Mash-Up, New Items, and Bug Fixes to All Consoles

by Kyle Hanson


A new Minecraft update is available on all console versions of the game. This update will add the Greek Mythology Mash-Up Pack, as well as a number of a number of bug fixes that are unique to the different versions of Minecraft.

Announced at Minecon 2015, the Greek Mythology Mash-Up Pack gives Minecraft players a new world to check out that is based around the gods and monsters of Greek mythology. A free trial is available, but the DLC package can be purchased to unlock everything contained within.

These mash-up packs are always fun for players to check out, giving them different textures that really change the way Minecraft looks and feels. Most have been based around other games, such as Halo, Mass Effect, or Skyrim, but others have been themed around certain holidays or events, like the Halloween update.

Along with the Minecraft Greek Mythology Update came a few new items for Creative Mode, such as Acacia Wood and Dark Oak Wood, as well as their many derivations. Finally there were multiple bug fixes for each console, with all of them featuring unique issues that this update seeks to remedy.

To see what was fixed in your preferred version, just click on your console of choice: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita.

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