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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update still has no release date

| February 20, 2014

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update still has no release date News  Minecraft

4J Studios says that the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 Update is going fine, but have still yet to let fans know when to expect the new content. Earlier this month, the developers said that there’s “still lots to do before TU14 is ready for Cert testing.” Though earlier today, they did reveal a handful of screenshots from the development process.

Found above, one screenshot shows off a new user-interface, one of the features to be found in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 14. From the sounds of it, the next Minecraft update should be a big one. Back in January, 4J did give fans a hint at what to expect, when they said that Title Update 14 would be based on the Java 1.3.1 version, “with a few things brought forward from later versions.”

The game will also be getting a new texture pack in short order. The City Texture Pack will allow you to build modern structures, according to the developer. Another screenshot showcasing the possibilities can be found below.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update still has no release date News  Minecraft

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  • Tim

    Anybody notice the dyed armor?

    • i h


    • Tim

      and flower pots

    • zoe

      i did

  • Kris

    I can’t wait to get the hoppers, maybe in the next update. Very excited to get my hands on the trip wire though. The dyed armor seems like a nice touch, but rather useless for my purposes.

  • Cedrick

    Dyed Amour!

  • Creeper


    • InfiniteAlienz

      Yeah when will TU14 be realesed

  • Christopher Gonzales

    Dyed armor for my survival games map

  • Ryan

    Why not find a away to put mods on the xbox and other consoles

    • Boobies

      True lets get some mods

      • dudo

        You can get mods just download a mod loader in u pc n save it 2 a xbox save file thru a flshdrive

    • Herobrine

      How about you visit me in my mansion noob????!!!!??!?!?!?!!!!?!!!???!

  • awsome guy

    I CANT WAIT. I LOVE VILLAGER TRADING,ALSOW THE DIED ARMOUR. THATS A GREAT TOUCH. IIIIIII CCAANNT WWAAIITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Did anybody notice the wolfs coller is purple? Maybe THATS one of the new features too.

    • trevor blue

      it is

    • rose

      I noticed


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  • Ryan

    Purple wolf collar

  • rg

    I hope the update comes soon because right now its really boring I want the update to come with were you can make things move like air planes or boats oh and add mods and survers

    • zach

      Already have came stupids

  • rg

    Hi im rg my real name is rose and I love minecraft but those updates would be real fun

    • Dodo

      Ikr.!! Can’t wait

    • Herobrine

      Hi Rose want me to burn your house?!!!!??!!?!!!?!!??

  • rose

    I want boats to move like if I made a cruise boat

  • I hate minecraft


  • when tu14 going to come out

    im started to get worried thats there no tu14 comeing out ;'( plz come out

    • ender zombie

      tu14 will come out in 2 more weeks

      • InfiniteAlienz

        Are you sure ender zombie?

  • when tu14 going to come out

    my name is simon my youtube video is simonHDS90
    i play pc for minecraft sometimes but i play minecraft on xbox 360 more cuz the controlls is easy than key bourds but when is tu14 comeing out my xbox 360 gamertag is chimmny517 i need news :) plz

  • zoe

    i want the update so bad i have a xbox 360 and we might get patoes

  • Criss Cringle

    32nd of april is the date

  • ender zombie

    tu14 release date should be in less than 2 weeks

  • minergirl

    I cant wate 4 the new update

  • kkstapo98

    hope it makes gold more useful because at this point there is no point in gold but tracks

  • Benisgoodatxbox

    Leather armor is going to be dyed ligitly

  • butt face

    this is cool i would like the new stuff for the minecraft xbox360 and i am so happy

  • jack


  • jack

    I cant wait for the update

  • killer boy

    they sounld put on the new and best ever cops and robersseed and all miner games it will be the best one ever and the bt of all horebrine i will be the happyits person on erath i happed they read this and they sound put pig armor cow and spider for a pet on minecraft xbox 360 i have a xbox 360 my name is LIL MKG 03 i hope you send me a text back over ther i am sorry for the longies text ever but yea this is the best ever i have kik to my name is killer23490 thx for sending me a text look up n youtube timber let her go or the best song ever i am ust tiping stuff so yea this is the best day ever to have pig armor cow and spiders for a pet i hope u read this thx thx for ever thing u put on this i ask for i also think that they shuled add you should only when you die you should only loose stuff in you invertory.and i will hope u read and put it on torrom at 12:00 plzz put it on update thx for reading yea plzz put it on and flower pots all the mobs on compler trading villger ender chest so if u had a chest some were foru can get it update tu12 plzz put on for all minecraft fans

    • the cool dude

      This is the best mojang YOU ROCK not as an stone rock guzzzzzzzzzzz from me the dude that is EPIC and yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the cool dude

    cobble stone fence

  • timothy

    Did anyone else see the nether quarts

  • no one

    blah blah blah….!!!!!

  • Dylan

    That is awesome I can not wait until it comes out =3

  • Guest

    I like it

  • hector luigi

    Anybody else notice the different types of stone bricks and sandstone? No, well how about the carpet, weird bucket item in the persons hotbar, and the weird looking block next to the nether quartz.

    • KLug

      That Is a Flower Pot

  • Budderlicios

    Oh god dis is going to be awsome

  • zoe


  • MG78

    The reason why the wolf’s collar is purple bc in pc you can change the color using dye by giving the wolf the dye like you would be feeding it. its pretty cool for making it white to make it look untamed and trolling people with them.

  • Caleb Mabry

    Can’t wait for the update anyone see the super enchantment thing that is also on the PC version?

    • InfiniteAlienz

      When is the real date for TU14 coming out? i can’t wait!

  • Jesus

    the new update will be fun since we haven’t had an update in a while:)

  • anjolie

    i would love to trade with villagers

  • moosh

    Can’t wait until the TU14 comes out

  • moosh

    On Xbox live my name is Mooshroom 1

  • cole bise

    anybody notice about the wolfs leash. you can yous a dye and dye the wolfs leash

  • katniss_everdeen12

    I did too

  • moosh

    Its gonna be so cool when TU 14 comes out and there will be a new tutorial:-)

  • Crich

    Adventure mode going to be on there

  • Caleb Phipps

    When’s the new update going to be

  • lurkigprism8

    so when does it come out and outthink there are horses

  • Matt

    When will it come out?

  • Brandon

    You know what you miss They are playing four player split screen and one is on creative mode

  • sean


  • Chrisjj12

    How do you get update 13 for minecraft Xbox 360 i want to know how plz s!!!!! :(

  • elijah

    anybody notice the golden carrots?

  • porter1234


  • pegasusgirl

    I really want horses in this version

  • ryn


  • TrapperGirl14

    They should, if they haven’t already, add name tags to the new Xbox TU14 update that would be really great.!! Also horses!!! :) XD

  • Hatein209

    Hahah, to all you newbies “wanting” your boats and planes to move your Xbox would burn it’s self up and turn a 360 or X1 into a ball of fire. Consoles cant handle that kind of graphics acceleration rate!Why do you think worlds are only so big. If anything I would like to see in T-U-D14 or 15 the next world (that is reached with a glowstone portal) help me out cant remember the name, or even bigger map’s, the current size is very small and over time reaches critical resource point that makes it un-playable. Or 4J do your self’s a favor and enable mods or even world builders to be bought over xbox live and not require me to rig my xbox and hotwire/bypass firewall and xbox restrictions to add custom built worlds and/or mods!

    • 720KSO720

      That kind of graphics? Are you serious? First of all, MineCraft’s graphics doesn’t even COMPARE to other games! The graphics really aren’t as good as you think, you just can’t tell since everything in this game is pixelated. Second of all, the Xbox 360 can handle the same graphics as the PC can. Especially the Xbox One! Third of all, the next update(s) have almost NOTHING to do with the graphics (except maybe the Texture Packs) or VERY little to do with it, since the Xbox 360 and Xbox One ALREADY HAS MineCraft, therefore it can handle it’s graphics! And for example, Grand Theft Auto V ( ) graphics are insane and I guarantee you they are MUCH better than MineCraft’s graphics! And if can handle those graphics, plus having an online version of it as well, The Xbox 360 and Xbox One can EASILY handle MineCraft’s graphics (considering the fact that it already does!)

      • mark

        shutup minecraft is cool why don`t you look past the pixils and build something and then tell me how you fill about that!

  • Guest

    Sorry I posted the last message 3 times, I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t show up until it was approved! Please don’t consider it SPAM!

    Thanks for reading!


  • ryanlfc

    Can’t wait

  • matthew

    Me that is going to be amazing!!!!!!

  • the guy

    when is the next minecraft update come out on the xbox 360 my friends say its a realy big one I have to know

  • mystery person…

    Minecraft=Awesome Roblox=epic fail

  • mystery person…

    guys what do you think 4J studios should add to minecraft I think they should add a thing to join minecarts together and you could make a train

  • mark

    I hate tu14 it is making my console lag like when I go mining the block destroys and then generates back and I don`t get it until the millionth time and no horses! I`m so mad!

  • butt face

    the new update is so cool i played minecraft for five hours straight

  • edshel

    When is this update gonna come?

  • Herobrine

    I better be in this update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bubba

    When will tu15 come out and will you ad emrald armour and plz ad horses you cant really steer the pig its to lagy

  • Bubba

    When is tu15coming out????????

  • Profile

    TU14!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jared bud

    the new update is so awnsome ,i heard that they are adding horses in the next update for minecraft xbox 360 version

  • Jacob Rader

    its allready out



  • Brie

    This is really stupid that they ain’t
    Even telling us the dates of when the updates coming out I’m getting really mad because I’ve been searching for it for like twenty minutes

  • Laila

    I did not know you can dye a dogs collar..

  • Laila


  • Laila

    And in the next update there gonna have horses!

  • fart master

    when is the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fart master

    there is flower pots

  • C

    Ga I what to know when it is now

  • king bray


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