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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Teased by EA

by William Schwartz


The Mirror’s Edge Twitter account has teased a new image.  While not exactly what Mirror’s Edge fans were hoping for as it contains just words, they very well may be teasing the name of the next game. The tease comes hot on the heels of a trademark discovery on NeoGAF for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Both pieces of information arriving this morning, it’s beginning to look very likely that we’ll hear more about this game at EA’s E3 Press Conference.  Mirror’s Edge was first teased two years ago, and we haven’t seen much more from DICE since then.  While fans of Mirror’s Edge have been calling for DICE to release a follow-up for quite some time, it’s beginning to look like this isn’t going to be a numbered sequel.

At this point it’s anyone’s guess though.  This could be any number of tie-in or promotional material.  In the current video game landscape, this could be anything from a second screen app, to a mobile tie-in.  However, it could also be the name of the next game.

Mirror’s Edge fans won’t have to wait much longer.  If EA is to reveal more of the highly anticipated game, they’ll be doing so in less than one week’s time.  EA is slated to take the stage at E3 2015 on Monday, June 15th.

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