Attack of the Fanboy

“It’s a mistake to not be developing for the PS3”

by William Schwartz


This week on his Pach Attack podcast, Wedbush Morgan’s games analyst, Michael Pachter covered a few questions in his short show.  Though one statement stood out, when he called out developer Valve by saying, ” I still kinda wonder about companies like Valve that seem to not be interested in the PS3, I think that’s kind of a mistake, because they are a first rate, you know, world class developers.

I think that they could make some games that could really do well on the PS3.”  but with Valve focused on Xbox 360 and PC games only he went on to say ” As long as Valve is around the PC is around.”  You can catch the full podcast of Pach Attack Here.

What say you reader?  Is it a mistake that Valve is missing out on developing for the PS3 this generation.  Their latest title Portal 2 is due to be a smash hit, and no plans for the PS3 are in the cards.  Is this a bad business decision?

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