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Miyamoto Hopes Nintendo NX Is Bigger Than The Wii U Console

| June 22, 2015

Miyamoto Hopes Nintendo NX Is Bigger Than The Wii U Console News Nintendo  NX Nintendo NX Nintendo

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has explained in a new interview the company hopes its Nintendo NX console is a bigger hit than the Wii U.

NPR had a long interview with Miyamoto during E3 2015. Miyamoto explained the reason why the Wii U wasn’t popular and is hoping the Nintendo NX is more successful.

First of all, Miyamoto said the company is already focused on the Nintendo NX console and they’re hoping “it will be a very big hit“. It was confirmed last week that it will be a new home console and not a portable or Android device as rumored before.

Miyamoto also explained his thought on why the Wii U failed. He mentioned the console came out at a time when tablets “appeared in the marketplace“. He said because of this, the Wii U’s features were not as unique. They’d hoped the Wii U would be successful, but it wasn’t the big hit they were looking for.

This new interview with Miyamoto could be evidence the company is already looking ahead on the Nintendo NX. This might be a reason why there weren’t many Wii U games announced at E3 2015.

It will be interesting to see how successful the Nintendo NX console will be whenever it comes out. Sadly, it sounds like the end of the Wii U is near.

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  • “First of all, Miyamoto said the company is already focused on the Nintendo NX console and they’re hoping ‘it will be a very big hit’.”

    And this is why many Wii U owners were unhappy with this year’s e3… Because Nintendo gave clear signs that it’s abandoning the console we bought without giving it a full lifecycle of support. Which is doubly frustrating because this is coming just as the Wii U is starting to regain some momentum thanks to titles like Splatoon.

    Well, my message to Nintendo is this: “Don’t expect me to be an early adopter of the NX after this and don’t be shocked if I actually jump ship to another console developer.” I don’t like feeling like I’m a bigger fan of Nintendo’s consoles than Nintendo is. At least Sony is continuing to support the Vita despite what a disaster it’s been in regards to sales.

    • Nate Lechner

      I was with you til the Vita comment. Sony has zero first party games coming to the Vita and hasn’t had any in a long time, outside of a token MLB The Show release. All there is is indies on Vita. That’s it.

      • To be honest, I only had the perception that Vita has better support because I see a regular stream of JRPGs getting released on it in my newsfeed. I don’t really follow it closely so I freely admit that I’m probably in error.

    • Pedro Gonzalez

      I can’t help but feel burned myself.
      Ive only had my Wiiu for a little over 2 years now and I love playing on it.

      • That’s the thing. I’m really happy with my Wii U and I just want them to fill out the library – especially with strategy, RPG, and strong co-op titles. That doesn’t all have to be first party – I don’t understand why Nintendo hasn’t been able to secure more multiplatform support when many titles are still being released on the PS3 and XB360. Nintendo has the resources to develop a robust porting process.

        • ?????

          Probably because it takes more money and time to develop games with that tablet.

          • I’ve played more than a few Wii U games, including first party titles like Tropical Freeze, that essentially pretend the second screen doesn’t exist, only use it as a map, or only use it as a second portable screen. So that doesn’t really seem like that big of an issue.

        • Pedro Gonzalez

          That’s another thing, nintendo didn’t need to have all the big AAA third party titles, some would have been great. But what about funding smaller scale but iconic franchises that have gone dormant. Imagine if what nintendo did for bayonetta 2 they did for say, Megaman legends 3. An HD megaman legends title on WiiU, or what if before they made the announcement, nintendo funded Shenmue 3?

          Hell even Sonic Boom, as bad as that was, under the right direction might have been a better title. Imagine having classic Sonic play like it did In Sonic Generations and Colors, and Sonic Boom (seeing as it focuses more on sonic AND his friends) takes it back to the Sonic Adventure formula?

          Don’t get me wrong, DK and Bowser Being skylanders is AWESOME and I’m going to get the game to mostly play as them, but when they said they had 3rd party support to announce that is what I had in mind.

          • Kevin Toretto

            As a diehard Sonic fan, don’t you dare defend Boom. Not even in concept was it a good idea.

          • Pedro Gonzalez


            It could be worse, they could have completely replaced Normal sonic with Boom’s version entirely. =P

            The TV show from what I can tell is actually pretty popular. Which is probably why the 3Ds version is getting a sequel.

            Think of it this way, if you read comics you might know that there are two popular versions of spiderman. The traditional mainstream Spiderman, and Ultimate Spiderman (the comic not the kids show) Ultimate Spiderman takes place in a parallel universe and didn’t replace the mainstream Spidey. That’s kind of what’s going on with boom.

            Sega themselves said that the Sonic Boom version of Sonic isn’t going to replace the Sonic most of us love, but to exist along side traditional Sonic as a separate series for westerners.

            If they ever do the Sonic Boom Series for consoles again (unlikely I know) they should maybe make the gameplay more like Sonic Adventure1 with the player choosing a character and seeing the story from that character’s perspective only getting part of the story. That was something I loved about sonic adventure titles, the interwinding stories. The biggest problem Sonic fans had with them was that it took focus away from sonic. However, Sonic Boom emphasizes Sonic and his friends so the Sonic Adventure Style would suit the “Boom” series better

        • Kevin Toretto

          So am I, but the thing is dead man. It’s been out for almost as long as the Vita and sold under the same amount. There’s no way they can string this out for 8 years of death to their company just because we like a console.

    • Guest

      The wii U has way more major exclusives compared to a console like the XB1 and it probably will end up having way more exclusive than the XB1 but the problem is the lifespan is just way too short.

      A lot of wii U owners (like you or me) just won’t buy it straight away. I’m worried for them and the NX. Unless they come out with something amazing, I see it selling less than the wii U.

      • They really need to be careful, they’re dangerously close to following Sega’s path with the Wii U being their Saturn and the NX being their Dreamcast. Of course, they have the advantage of having a solid handheld console line but still…

        • Swinny

          That and money the likes of which Sega has never seen.

    • domahman

      I will be buying the nx on day 0.

      • Hope you enjoy it. I’ll probably be sticking with my Wii U for a long time, it’s small library contains some of my favorite titles.

      • Benjah Pele

        While I hope u have fun with that? Us true nintendo fans will be getting it day one!!!

        • KingShadow

          …That doesn’t make you a true Nintendo fan… at all. Being a true fan doesn’t require you to cover your eyes and ears and ignore anything that might be seen as detrimental to what you’re a fan of. He never said he wouldn’t get it, he just said not day 1. Personally, I love Nintendo, and even still I almost never get any of their systems day one. Mainly cause of price and small pool of titles available. Doesn’t mean I’m not a fan.

    • The Master Flower

      Kaihaku, you think Nintendo cares if you don’t play their games? You are just one person, not one million. There are only two other game console developers to go to and you may get mad at them as well, so having a temper tantrum because you don’t like what a company is doing won’t resolve anything.

      • If I was trying to send a message to Nintendo I would have joined in a mass letter writing campaign like I did when I was trying to convince them to localize Xenoblade. This time I was venting frustration in the comment section of an article online… Of course that won’t result in business changes but the other comments definitely show that I’m not the only one feeling this way and that’s reassuring. As it is, I’ve chosen to vote with my money this time around – I’ve bought a lot of Wii U games, I support a lot of Wii U kickstarters, and I’ve chosen to not be an early adopter of the NX if Nintendo drops support of the Wii U prematurely. I don’t have allusions that I’d be completely satisfied with Sony or Microsoft, but if I picked up a Playstation I could play some of the JRPGs that I’ve been missing out on and that along with the Wii U would sate me for a good long while.

      • Benjah Pele

        Yeah I agree with you. It’ll not resolve anything.

        • KingShadow

          Love how you guys are basically criticizing him for having a different opinion than you… lol smh. Who are you to say his post won’t resolve anything? There’s been many things that have been changed or made within the gaming industry all because someone was willing to voice their opinion, contrary to what other haters(like you seem to be)felt or said. But that’s not even what he’s going for. He has an opinion, so what? It’s not a temper tantrum just because it doesn’t align with your viewpoint. People like you get on my LAST nerve…

    • shadowhedgehogz

      I have a 3DS and Vita, i actually like the Vita for the great games it does have, even if it doesn’t have many. Shame it’s not supported more because the PPI of the screen is perfect.

      I have a Wii u too, but i doubt i’ll be an early adopter of their next console.. The 3DS and Wii U only started getting majority of it’s good games once they dropped in price, they don’t release great games on launch of their consoles anymore.

      Interested in seeing their next handheld though, strange they would talk about the NX first because usually a handheld comes first. I suspect the next handheld will only be on par or a little better than the Vita, i hope that’s not the case and they go for noticeably more powerful hardware. Again, too bad about Vita’s lack of support as it is great hardware wise.

      • I’m still hoping that the NX will be a hybrid home/handheld system…but all of their talk about it being revolutionary has me thinking that it will probably be something unexpected instead. Too bad, I’d love a handheld that could stream HD to my television.

    • Kevin Toretto

      GBA died in 3 years. When NX comes out it will have been 5. The same as any console cycle in the past. Even if it comes out in 2016, most console cycles were 4 years as well.

      I have literally no idea what you’re talking about historically.

      • SuperSam90

        Thank you.

  • that the reason why nintendo show a less wii u titles and more 3ds titles, they are slowly killing off the wii u. if they want the nx to be more sucessful than the wii u, make it strong like the ps4 or better and make it easier for other developers to import it’s game into it, no gimmick controller tied to the system, it should be optional.

  • ?????

    If NX releases soon I guess I’ll have to sell my Wii U for it. Hope its BC.

    • One would hope that Nintendo wouldn’t ignore the excellent Wii U library. Backwards compatibility would definitely give the NX an edge.

      • ?????


  • dissapointed

    anyone who buys into this after being hosed after a 3 year system like wii u is truly a delusional fanboy. do yourself a favor skip it and buy a ps4. i can really see the wii u flying off the shelves this holiday after reading this article. miyamoto says wii u is officially dead after 3 years please give us more of your money for our next dead behind the times console. what a joke. and yes i was dumb enough to buy the wii u never again nintendo you and your disney games can go f yourself

    • Nah, the PS4 still doesn’t have much appeal for me… I’m more likely to buy a PS3 and keep my Wii U for it’s excellent local multiplayer.

    • Benjah Pele

      Well you’re an idiot. Hey litte man they’re not releasing it anytime soon. They’re about to talk about it in 2016. Then release it in 2017.

      • Awesomeguy1234


    • Awesomeguy1234

      You are stupid and Miyamoto never said anything. He actually said he will prioritize the wii u, and announce more games soon. You probably do not even have the wii u, you are a jealous hater. Plus, nx will come in 2018. Also, nintendo wii u is 2 and a half years old. Go play your gta of cod. At least I will have so much games in the future for the wii u to look forward to. The wii u also has awesome graphics. Whoever hates the wii u is a disgrace to gaming

  • Trollaris

    I literally just bought a Wii U for Splatoon and Smash bros and now this shit is happening? I should of bought a Ps4 I’m seriously so pissed off right now .I hope nintendo doesn’t completely abandoned Wii U for at least another 5 years or so

    • Benjah Pele

      They’ll not. You really need to be more informed before commenting on here?

      • Awesomeguy1234

        Your not informed at all

        • Benjah Pele

          Wrong person homie?

          • Awesomeguy1234

            I wSwas replying to dissapointed, whoops

          • Benjah Pele

            Ok bro y would you reply to me if I wasn’t talking to you bro?

          • Awesomeguy1234

            I guess so, if I agree with you man. I agree with some things you have said

          • Awesomeguy1234

            Oh, oops wrong person

          • Awesomeguy1234

            Sorry about that

          • Benjah Pele

            It’s all good bro. We cool.

    • Harry

      I can’t stress this enough. If you want good old fashion games and
      innovation jump on to Steam. Forget consoles, the indie game scene on
      Steam is amazing and they also have the big titles if you like. Even
      crap computers can play their smaller indie games.After all these
      announcements from Nintendo the Wii u will be my last Nintendo product.
      Which is sad because I was a 90s Nintendo kid but they clearly are
      struggling. They’re some cracking indie games on Steam which remind me
      of my 90s Nintendo childhood. I would strongly suggest considering it
      before spending cash on a PS4.

    • KingShadow

      NX won’t be here for a good 3-4 more years, calm down. lol You’ve got plenty of time.

      • ceramicsaturn

        3-4 years? No way can the Wii U last that long.

  • Aeroleia

    I still love my Wii U to this day. I have PS4 and the only game I play now is FPS, Killzone, for its multiplayer. The rest of PS4 games I have, I have sold it. But I still have more Wii U games. Wii U games are trully fun. I was expecting more from Wii U actually.
    We will see what NX have in store for us next year and then it’ll surelly triggers our head of getting it.

    • Benjah Pele

      It’s not coming out next year?

  • Así como tú ni Trump te quiere

    it is not popular because there are no many good games. no metroid yet for example. next console? many consoles and lack of game releases

  • Awesomeguy1234

    Guys, Miyamoto and Iwata said they will prioritize and focus more on the wii u to keep wii u owners happy. So hah to this article, its wrong. Do not worry! We will see more wii u games soon.(Hype train activated)

    • Benjah Pele


      • Awesomeguy1234

        You know what’s funny? Here are rumors saying the nx will released win 2016, which would be terrible to do. If nintendo releases of that early, they are dead

  • Jason Greenland

    i think the Wii U just needs to be better marketed.

  • CosmoCircle

    Nintendo will likely suffer loses with the new console because of the Wii U,

    The console had a short life cycle and was released too late, out of is generation, with very few third party support… hardcore gamers dont trust Nintendo, go for other systems, and when Sony and Microsoft are allready targeting for 4k games and VR performance, Nintendo now wants to make a system that is likely to compete with current Xbox one and PS4, that will in one year range be secondary systems for their companies…

    Its the same mistakes over and over, SEGA ended their console bisness because they made mistakes with Saturn and even more bigger mistakes with Dreamcast, Nintendo is going the same way…

    They promissed an amazing Zelda game for the Wii U before the launch, they bring up amazing cut scenes that let everyone excited, 4 years later, the same game have been canceled or delayed, the graphics have been downgrade and changed in their art-style, and the game is not out yer, meanwhile, they announce another system and the game is likely to be an NX title…

    Now, ask your self, how a Wii U owner will react to this? he got a console to get games like the Zelda they showcased, that game never came up, or similar games came up, and now they are asking you to buy another system to get what they promissed in first place…

    Would you buy a new Nintendo console after this? obviously not…

    Specialy when Microsoft and Sony allready announced new systems also, that are multiple times more powerfull then the current ones, you would be crazy to expend hundreed of dollars on a new Nintendo System…

    Nintendo needs to earn people trust again, and that only may be archieved with a new powerfull system, competitive price and great line of third party games and exclusives otherwise the NX will allways suffer badly…

  • Felipe Ramirez

    I would get the nx but I bet it would cost like 400 dallors and that’s a lot of money for a console the WI u costed 300 that’s a lot of money too I think it is dumb cuz I just got a wii u and now there is a new console coming out Fuck u nintendo!!!!!!!!

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