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Mod Adding Bruma to Skyrim is Now Available on PC


Beyond Skyrim, a mod working to bring various Tamriel provinces to the acclaimed RPG, has now added the city of Bruma to the map. Bruma is the Northmost city in Cyrodiil, and the mod boasts that players can “explore an expansive region larger and denser than the Dragonborn DLC.”

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma features over 70 residents with unique dialogue and stories, the fully-explorable county of Bruma, new weapons and armor, a ton of new quests and storylines, over 24,000 lines of voiceover from a professional cast, and over three hours of original music. Needless to say, this mod contains a wealth of content.

The best part is that Bruma is seamlessly integrated, meaning that players can cross over the border with their existing characters. You do not need to create a new game.

If players have already downloaded Bruma 1.0, they are encouraged to role back to the save game they had prior to starting Bruma as there were some missing scripts that caused some quests to fail to trigger. The hotfix was added in Bruma 1.1 but unfortunately they will not trigger properly on an existing save.

The base game and all DLC (or the Legendary Edition of Skyrim) is required to install the mod. For those wishing to take advantage of this expansive mod on consoles, the team says that it will be available for Skyrim: Special Edition soon, and on Xbox One in the future. This mod will be supported with frequent patches and the team is already working on adding the rest of Cyrodiil.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma – Launch Announcement

- This article was updated on:August 1st, 2017

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