Attack of the Fanboy

Modders take Sim City Offline

by William Schwartz

If you can do without the region gameplay in Sim City, modders may have found a way to circumvent the always online requirement of the recently released game. A few new posts on Reddit describe a handful of mods that can be applied to the game that will also allow you to edit content outside of the city constraints while avoiding Maxis’ servers.

These mods are still relatively young and aren’t complete fixes to the city size and connection issues, but if the same passion is going into this work that was shown as hatred towards EA, they’ll likely be full blown and widespread before weeks’ end.

The video above shows one player modding content outside of the city boundaries, so apparently the hacking scene has got Sim City squarely in its crosshairs.   This comes on the heels of Maxis revealing that playing Sim City offline is not possible, despite one of their own anonymously dishing that it was, and would require minimal effort to implement.

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