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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Info May Be Coming This Week

It is the promised season, after all.

by Jelani James


Capcom has announced it will be hosting a “Monster Hunter: World Spring Update Reveal” broadcast later this week, focusing on the latest information on the developer’s smash hit from 2018.

Naturally, this announcement comes the all-important question: “What will it be focused on?”

And the answer to that is most likely news about Monster Hunter: World Iceborne, the expansion that was announced last year alongside some collaborations and two arch-tempered elder dragons.

As you might recall, the announcement stated the game was set to arrive in Fall 2019, with info due out in Spring of the same year. Since then, information has been sparse, with the only things known being it’s general size (roughly on-par with previous G or Ultimate entries in the series), a new region filled with more monsters to hunt and the inclusion of a story that is set after the events in the original game. But now that it’s Spring, we can hopefully get more info beyond what was offered during the initial announcement.

Beyond that, it could announce a few updates regarding the base game, but judging from what Capcom said beforehand, it would probably be safe to consider this an Iceborne-focused broadcast.

The stream will start on May 9 at 4:00 p.m. PST / 7:00 p.m. EST. It will be available Twitch (English) and YouTube (Japanese).

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