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Monster Hunter: World for PS4 and Xbox One Is the Fastest Selling Entry

by Jose Belmonte


Capcom has announced today that Monster Hunter: World, the new main entry of its action series has shipped five million copies worldwide between the PS4 and Xbox One versions, including digital sales. This result makes ‘World’ the fastest selling entry in the series, which originated in 2005 on PS2. The stakes were very high for the newest game, as Capcom decided to take serious risks in order to expand the popularity of the series at a worldwide scale.

First of all, the company decided to launch the game (the fifth main entry in the series) on PS4 and Xbox One, despite the fact that the series had limited its pressence almost exclusively to Nintendo platforms in the last decade. Second, the team would completely rework the gameplay, introducing a connected open world instead of having different areas physically separated from each other. The game would also be the first one of the franchise in releasing at the same time in all markets, as all previous games had been released first in Japan, where the brand reaches the category of phenomenon.

But everything certainly seems to have payed off, as the release has been preceded by stellar reviews and the title is occupying the first positions of the charts in countries like the United Kingdom, while we’ll get to know the Japanese numbers this Wednesday.

Monster Hunter: World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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