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Monster Hunter XX Collaborates with Sailor Moon

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With the game’s initial announcement last October, it appears ‘Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)’ will be released in Japan on March 18 for the Nintendo 3DS.  Though a Western release is yet to be confirmed.  Furthermore, in order to commemorate Sailor Moon‘s 25th anniversary, the game will be teaming up with the classic anime this year.

Capcom has recently revealed an exclusive trailer featuring Luna the black cat from Sailor Moon.  In the video footage, Monster Hunter‘s feline friend, Palico is staring up at the magnificent moon when it magically transforms into Luna in the blink of an eye, incorporating the same transformation visuals and sound effects illustrated in the original anime.  Luna appears wielding a pink Cutie Moon Rod as it begins its journey exploring the Monster Hunter universe.

Traveling on all-fours or in twos, Luna courageously takes on monsters twice her size at the swing of her magical staff.  The end of the video shows the cat cheering holding a set of pompoms next to our Monster Hunter XX hero.

In addition, players will be able to receive a Luna costume to dress up their pal Palico, along with the powerful Cutie Moon Rod, as well as a unique code for the Sailor Moon background Guild Card for decorational purposes.

Monster Hunter XX is a spin-off of the Monster Hunter franchise originally released for the PS2.  Players control a hunter who goes around completing various quests and hunting fantastical monsters along the way, acquiring different armory and weapons to level up the protagonist.  Over the years, the game has become popular leading to other mediums such as anime and manga selections.

Sweeping the hearts of both boys and girls alike, Sailor Moon manga launched in 1991 being adapted into one of the most well known anime in 1992.  Following Usagi (Serenity in English version) who acquires magical powers with the help of Luna a mysterious cat.  Together, with a group of friends known as the Sailor Scouts, and ally/lover Tuxedo Mask, the girls go out to fight crime banishing all evil within the world.  The franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year planning to release a sequel of Sailor Moon Crystal (remake).

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