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Moonshiners Come to Red Dead Online

A new Frontier Pursuit and Outlaw Pass hit the online western next week.

by Diego Perez


Red Dead Online‘s Frontier Pursuits have breathed new life into Rockstar’s online western, and soon players will be able to tackle an entirely new pursuit: the Moonshiner role. The moonshine business isn’t easy, but thankfully players will be rewarded with new role-specific skills and items for their hard work and dedication.

In order to break into the moonshine industry, you’ll first have to level up your Trader role to rank 5, at which point Cripps will introduce you to Maggie Fike, your newest business partner. Maggie is an experience bootlegger who resides at Emerald Ranch, and she’ll allow you to purchase your very own moonshine shack. Here, you’ll not only be able to operate your own moonshine operation, but also partake in brand-new story missions involving Maggie taking revenge on those who’ve wronged her.


After progressing far enough in the Moonshiner role, you’ll be able to set up your own underground Bar. Your Bar will be fully customizable, and you can even hire a band to entertain your patrons. Players have been clamoring for ownable properties like the ones in Grand Theft Auto Online for a long time, and the Moonshiner role will thankfully provide Red Dead Online players with their first taste of real estate ownership and hopefully add an additional layer of depth to the game.

The Moonshiner role isn’t the only thing next week’s Red Dead Online update will bring, though. A second Outlaw Pass will be added to the game, so make sure to catch up on the current one if you’re behind. The first Outlaw Pass sold for 35 Gold Bars, so it’s safe to assume that Outlaw Pass No. 2 will set you back a similar amount. Like most other Red Dead Online update, a bevy of new clothing items are being added, and Rockstar is increasing the number of custom outfit slots in players’ wardrobes to account for all the new clothes. The Navy Revolver will also make its way into the game, but it’s unclear how this weapon will differ from all the other six-shooters in Red Dead Online.

The Moonshiner role and Outlaw Pass No. 2 will be available in Red Dead Online on December 13. Check out the full list of changes on the Rockstar newswire.

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