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It’s been a while since we got any news about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the upcoming AR mobile game from Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO. However, a bunch of new information was just revealed, along with another promise that the game is coming “soon.”

Niantic and WB Games recently made a post on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website, giving a ton of new details about the game, as well as re-iterating some previously-revealed details. Once again, it is explained that the objective of the game is to prevent The Calamity by having players join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to find various magical items, creatures, and people called Foundables that have been leaking into the Muggle world and return them to the wizarding world. It was also revealed that these Foundables will be items and creatures spanning the worlds of both the original Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Like with Pokémon in Pokémon GO, these magic Foundables can be found pretty much anywhere, but will appear more frequently in real-word places of note, such as parks, museums, libraries, etc. Rather than PokéStops, players can visit Inns, which will provide food and drinks to replenish the players’ Spell Energy. And rather than Gyms, players can fight against other witches and wizards, including Death Eaters and Dementors, at Fortresses and earn rare Foundables upon victory. Instead of joining Teams, players will choose professions, such as Auror or Professor, with each profession having their own strengths and weaknesses. The player will also be able to step through portals that will transport them to full, 360° AR locations in the wizarding world.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently in development for iOS and Android devices and is expected to release sometime this year.

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