More Info About Batman vs Superman’s Lex Luthor Revealed

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Warner Bros. has started a unique marketing campaign on Batman vs Superman by publishing small “biography/interview” about the Lex Luthor we will see in the new movie. They even created his own Twitter account.

You can follow the official Lex Luthor account by visiting @alexanderluthor. It has a huge cover photo of Lexcorp and a profile picture of a new photo of Jesse Eisenberg.

The only thing he has tweeted about so far is an article published by Fortune Magazine. It’s quite unique how they’re marketing the character as if he’s a real person.

Lexcorp was started by his father. The company was focused on oil and heavy machinery, but Lex Luthor changed it to be about technology. It’s the second largest technology company in the Batman vs Superman universe behind Wayne Enterprises.

It says Wayne Enterprises has shied away from military contracts, but Lexcorp fully supports the military. Lex Luthor says it’s the “most dangerous point of time in all of human history“. He’s probably referring to how much damage was caused by Superman and Zod’s battle in Metropolis. This may be a reason why he wants a strong military to battle powerful alien foes.

It’s an interesting read as it gives us more information on the ideology this Lex Luthor character has in Batman vs Superman. Obviously we’ll know more about him when the movie hits in March 2016.

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