More Leaked Starfield Screenshots Surface Online

This Starfield's screenshots are going to make a lot of players excited.

by Carlos Hurtado


Starfield has been getting a lot of hype since its reveal, and some leaks have been shared ever since. The excitement and interest shown by players are remarkable, and some of them got to see some Starfield leaked screenshots recently.

Starfield was originally announced back in E3 2018, and a lot of players have been very excited by this new IP from Bethesda Game Studios. This game development studio is known worldwide for masterpieces like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and DOOM. Starfield is commonly described as a next-generation first-person experience set in a new world with a space-themed atmosphere.

Yesterday, some Starfield screenshots were leaked, and a Twitter user called OfficialXboxU shared them on a Tweet he made shortly after. The four screenshots shown in the Tweet let everyone see how the game is shaping up to be, but some players were already criticizing the game’s graphics, and some of them were already predicting the game’s launch, labeling it as buggy but functional just like Fallout, and Skyrim right after their launches. Later the Twitter user clarified that the screenshots were from a 2017 build of the game, so this was not a representation of the current state of the game.

The game’s screenshots showed the game’s minimal UI, some structures, and two items with the words “AXION” on them. The leaks do not tell a lot about the game’s lore or background, but players will get to see what an early build like this was looking back in 2017.

Starfield is set to be released on November 11, and a lot of fans are eagerly waiting for more information about the upcoming title. A game like this could be the next big title of the year, and Bethesda’s previous projects back it up.

This game is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated titles in the industry and a lot of players are looking to get any amount of information about the game. If the Starfield’s launch is properly handled, this could be one of 2022’s best titles and could become the new Skyrim that many players still play to this day. Last year, a leak revealed the size of the map, and according to it, the map’s size was about 12 times larger than Skyrim’s.

Starfield is set to be released on November 1 on PC, and Xbox platforms.

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