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Mortal Kombat X Tanya DLC Is Coming In Early June

by Dean James


Mortal Kombat X released last month and along with that release was the Kombat Pack, which is literally the game’s Season Pass. Set to bring four DLC characters to the roster, two icons of the movie genre and two Mortal Kombat veterans, the Kombat Pack has already seen the release of Jason Voorhees. It was looking like Tanya would in fact be the next competitor added to the game with some new images found in the most recent update and Ed Boon revealed that she is indeed coming really soon.

Boon is known for his excellent connection with the fans through Twitter and did so once again when a fan asked him if he had any news about Tanya. Boon responded with a little poem that revealed a release window of when we can expect Tanya to be added to Mortal Kombat X.

  • She’s koming soon,
  • In early June,
  • Or my name ain’t Boon.

While often times Boon likes to troll with mere teases, this is giving us a pretty specific window of time for when Tanya will release. Getting Tanya out before E3 would be a good choice, fitting it in the time where no other big games are coming out to compete with at the time.

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