Mortal Kombat X Update Patch 1.12 Now Available

by Damian Seeto

Mortal Kombat X update patch 1.12 has now been released and it’s a big download. It adds a few new things as well as support for some upcoming DLC.

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If you have been keeping up with all the updates for Mortal Kombat X, patch 1.12 should be roughly between 7 to 10 GB in size. Some users are reporting that it could be lower, but it’s still quite large. Some content is not yet available in this new update, but they should be unlocked eventually.

Here’s some of the things that the new update patch includes:New Netcode, XL Characters(Not yet playable), The Pit Stage and several Character Buffs/Changes

A person on Reddit posted more additional information about the update patch. He said: “For those who those who have preloaded the DLC, they are greyed out until the unlock time in your region. For example, here in California, that unlock time is 9 pm on Monday. The Pit, stage fatalities, balance changes, new netcode, new trophies/achievements, and Medieval Pack are all ready to go. The Kosplay Pack, the Apocalypse Pack, and the four new characters are not yet available. Again, wait for the unlock time.

If you notice any more changes to this new Mortal Kombat X update patch, comment below to let others know what you have found out about it.

- This article was updated on February 29th, 2016