How Much Batman vs Superman Needs To Make At The Box Office To Get A Profit

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It’s no doubt that Batman vs Superman is a very important investment for Warner Bros as the movie needs to make a decent amount of money at the Box Office just to break even.

As reported by Variety, many analysts believe that Batman vs Superman needs to make at least $800 million or more at the Box Office in order to get a profit.

This is because the budget for the film is estimated to be $250 million with advertising and marketing costs at $150 million. The total cost for the film is $400 million. Movie studios usually split the profits to cinema chains on a 50/50 basis. This is where the $800 million estimate come from.

Batman vs Superman may not have much trouble earning over $800 million worldwide. The movie is tracking to earn over $140 million in its opening weekend in North America and Man of Steel made $667 million worldwide.

With the extra buzz of adding in Batman and Wonder Woman, it’s safe to say this movie should exceed Man of Steel at the Box Office. Deadpool has earned over $700 million already this year and that’s R rated.

There is a good chance this film could make over $1 billion at the Box Office. After all, the Transformers films make a lot of money no matter how bad they are. Even The Hobbit trilogy all made over $900 million and those weren’t well received either.

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