Mystery Guardians of the Galaxy Game Is In Development

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Guardians of the Galaxy surprised moviegoers when it released in theaters back in 2014 as it went on to be a smash hit that brought in a lot of money. A sequel is set to hit theaters this coming May and it’s looking like there may be some sort of game possibly coming out with it as well.

One of the big news stories in the gaming industry right now is the ongoing strike by the video game voice actor union SAG-AFTRA against certain publishers. The way the strike has been is that any projects that were already in development at the time of the strike’s start last month were not to be affected, and a list of those that aren’t affected have been released by SAG-AFTRA, with some unannounced games on the list.

One of the most intriguing names on the list is a Guardians of the Galaxy – The Video Game a/k/a Blue Harvest. It is very possible that this is just a simple mobile game tie-in for the upcoming movie considering that other mobile titles like Batman: Arkham Underworld are also on the list.

What is most intriguing however is that the signatory name for this Guardians of the Galaxy game is the same as the one on the list for The Walking Dead Season 3. We already know there is a mystery Marvel game coming from Telltale Games, so this really makes you wonder if that game could in fact be based on Guardians of the Galaxy.

It would make sense as a perfect tie-in for a release around the time of the new movie next year, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is the case or merely a coincidence.

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