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Naughty Dog Hiring For Its New Video Game

by Damian Seeto


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has now finished so everyone is wondering what Naughty Dog’s new video game will be about. The studio is currently advertising a vacancy and it gives us some small clues on what it could be about.

Lead Game Designer for Naughty Dog, Emilia Schatz, tweeted: “Looking for level designers, especially if you have art and modeling experience. Want to help make ND’s next game?

Schatz provided a link to the Naughty Dog careers website and it’s for a “Single Player Game Designer”. It also said this person has to “design and produce fun and emotionally engaging third-person action gameplay and levels, from high concept planning to object placement and scripting

This may only be small evidence, but the studio’s next game will be a third-person action video game with a single player campaign. This is Naughty Dog’s bread and butter so it’s unlikely the studio would have branched out to make something different like a FPS or something like that.

Many people predict that The Last of Us 2 is being worked on, but Naughty Dog could always surprise everyone and make a new IP instead. Some are even wishing for a Crash Bandicoot reboot. Hopefully E3 2016 sheds more light on Naughty Dog’s next video game.

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