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Naughty Dog Denies Jak and Daxter 4 Is In Development

by Damian Seeto


Everyone is eager to know what Naughty Dog’s next game will be after Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End ships out next month. From the sounds of things, the studio has denied that it’s currently working on Jak and Daxter 4. had a chance to interview Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer and they asked him about the status of Jak and Daxter 4. It appears freelance artists just like to draw things that aren’t really officially announced and this leads to rumors of new projects.

Meyer said: “There’s a lot of art we didn’t release – some that we did put together. But there’s nothing in the works right now. You have to remember, a lot of the time, a lot of the artists that we work with are big fans of our games”.

Naughty Dog got famous developing Crash Bandicoot and then they moved on to make the popular Jak and Daxter franchise for the PS2. The studio then worked on the Uncharted series for nine years, although managed to release The Last of Us in 2013.

Fans would love to see a Jak and Daxter 4 come out as platform style games are kind of a rarity on the PS4 at the moment. Insomniac Games managed to successfully reboot Ratchet and Clank so a new Jak game would be cool to see.

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