Naughty Dog Elevates the Last of Us Part II Director to Co-President

Neil Druckmann is now co-president of Naughty Dog.

by James Meetze

Naughty Dog announced during an all-studio meeting on Friday that longtime writer and director, Neil Druckmann will become co-president of Naughty Dog. Druckmann had been serving as vice president of Naughty Dog for the last three years. This puts the Uncharted 4 and the Last of Us director at the top of the company started working for as an intern all the way back in 2004.

The announcement came way of a blog post by current president, Evan Wells. Wells also announced that Alison Mori and Christian Gyrling will take over Druckmann’s prior role as co-vice presidents. Mori served as Naughty Dogs’ director of operations, while Gyrling was the co-director of programming.

Naughty Dog is coming off of the stellar release of the Last of Us Part II in June, with the game selling over 4 million copies during the weekend of its release. The game has been nominated for Game of the Year at this year’s Game Awards. Druckmann is also working with HBO on a television adaptation of the Last of Us with the creator of Chernobyl, Craig Mazin. So it’s safe to say his job will only be getting busier from now on.

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- This article was updated on December 5th, 2020

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