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NBA 2K14 was the best selling sports game on Xbox One and PS4

by William Schwartz


2K Sports’ NBA 2K14 was the best-selling sports game in November for the Xbox One and PS4. 2K beat out a number of different sports titles, which included EA’s FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live series.

Apparently, 2K created the biggest buzz for their basketball simulator. Heading into release, the developers really conveyed that they put the new hardware to good use. NBA 2K’s improved graphics were instantly noticeable by anyone who even watched a gameplay trailer for the title, let alone anyone who actually played the game.

Did sports fans grow weary of EA phoning it in on the Xbox One and PS4? Probably. Either way, it catapulted 2K to the top of the heap with NBA 2K on the new systems. We loved the graphics in NBA 2K14, but weren’t quite as sold on the rest of the game, you can read more in our review of the PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K14.

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